rapture man

Rapture Man
Rapture Man and Mark

a celebration of the first Christian show at one of
the premier college radio stations in the country

amazinggrace.mp3 - Sometimes sequeing between a hip hop show and a rock show is not so amazingly
graceful. Turn down your speakers for this one. (1m 23s; feat. PK Mitchell)
stevetaylor.mp3 - props to Steve Taylor. (feat. Petra)
Obligatory disclaimer. (47s; after The Newsboys, before Saladhed)
audioarmx.mp3 - a remix of what some consider the biggest song of the 90's. (52s)
sabaothpromo1.mp3 (1m; feat. Audio A and RBJ, also plugging the Steve Taylor show), sabaothpromo2.mp3 (1m 30s;
feat. Sabaoth and D.O.C.)
- shoutouts to the Shenandoah Valley's premiere metal band.
sixfeetdeep.mp3 (1m 25s), bride-6fd.mp3 (1m 44s, also feat. Bride) - Six Feet Deep bringing the hard core realness.
The most musically diverse show? (2m 4s; feat. Audio A and Newsboys)
Skatetown USA anyone? skatetown.mp3 (59s; feat. PFR), skatetown2.mp3 (1m 1s; feat. DC Talk and The Throes)
A shoutout to the Rock House with Mortification. (1m 5s, also feat. DOC/Bride)
Ren and Stimpy with Audio Adrenaline? (59s)
Celebrating the return of Michael Sweet to Christian music. (1m 8s)
fandjworldbeat.mp3 (2m 28s), hellhour.mp3 (1m 32s, also feat. Dakota Motor Co.) - Introducing Fleming & John.
A meaningful song by Hokus Pick followed by Bannerman. (1m 10s; feat. Steve Taylor)
Welcoming Alice Cooper into the fold. (2m 48s, also feat. Six Feet Deep)
sixpence.mp3 (53s), dakota-sixpence.mp3 (1m 21s), sixpence3.mp3 (65s, also feat. DC Talk) - I was playing Sixpence
before "Kiss Me" was even written.
DCT-DeGarmoKey.mp3 - 2 legendary bands. (1m 46s)
Starting the morning off with The Kry (39s), and with the Prayer Chain. (47s)
We wore these strange headphones in the studio. (59s; feat. Hokus Pick)
Twila Paris' and Carman's WXJM debuts. (49s)
vday.mp3 (1m 11s; feat. Mortification and Tourniquet), vday3.mp3 (34s; feat. Guardian), vday4.mp3 (2m 1s; feat. PFR
and Whitecross)
- Happy Valentines Day!
chatterbox.mp3 (44s), circleofdust.mp3 (1m 42s), mortal-cod.mp3 (37s) - Introducing some industrial tunage.
rusty.mp3 - I was feeling old, and rusty, (1m 25s, feat. DMC and Petra)
...but it is His power that is made perfect in my weakness. (2m 15s, feat Tqt and White Heart)
Props to Austen, who did not live in Austin Hall. (1m 45s, feat. Audio Adrenaline and PFR)
Have a hap-happy "Hell Hour" Christmas! (2m 34s, feat. Mort, Amy Grant, and One Bad Pig)
metalsub.mp3 (78s, feat. Sacred Warrior and Die Happy), littlerock.mp3 (69s, feat Crucified and Living Sacrifice)
- representing best I can subbing for the metal show
Celebrating Al Denson's Harrisonburg appearance. (1m 47s, feat. PFR)
hokuspickall.mp3 (1m 19s, feat. DC Talk)
sixfeetdeep2.mp3 (51s, also feat. Precious Death)
prayerchain2.mp3 (41s)
Live in studio guest performances by Roy - Roy1 (2m 59s, also feat. Phil K and hoi Polloi) | Roy2 (2m 13s, feat. hoi Polloi and Dakota)
I had some friends do some drop ins for me over the years. (58s)
I opened my last show with a medley of fun snippets from previous shows (2m 43s), two hours later
came my signing off. (1m 32s)
wc-hokus.mp3 - Whitecross and Hokus Pick

unleashing the metal fury onto Harrisonburg with Mark

christianmetal.mp3 - Introducing the metal guru, and his sidekick. (1m 29s; feat. Tourniquet)
christianmetal2.mp3 - Erik and Mark actually first met at DC Pukes. (2m 12s; feat. Living Sacrifice and Tqt)
Trying, again, to report the weather in tandem. (1m 42s; feat. Detritus and Tqt)
deceiver.mp3 - Somebody tried to tell me... that this was all unscripted and unrehearsed.(2m 2s; feat. Bride and Siloam)
DecisionD.mp3 - (2m 2s; feat. Living Sacrifice and Decision D)
Our public service. (1m 42s; feat. Minier and Mortification)
Two of the greatest metal bands of the 90's. (1m 45s; feat. Tqt and Vengeance Rising)
Mark pegs Erik and then disses his future wife! (2m 5s; feat. Mortification)

bonus track

The xMENU lady! (20s, recorded live from D-Hall)

Since college Erik and Mark have produced the audio version of Stryper: Loud N' Clear, the biography of the legendary metal band.